Lucky Linkyn Bracelet


The most special bracelet of the year. February is heart month! This bracelet represents the life of Linkyn Reischl and brings awareness to CHD.

Linkyn was born with 6 congenital heart defects. This bracelet contains 6 Jade (also Link’s middle name) heart beads on 3mm gold filled beads.

All profits from the sale of this special bracelet will be donated to Mission 228.

Mission 228 was developed shortly after Linkyn Reischl’s passing on March 19, 2018 after 13 months of influence, inspiration, teaching, and strength. Linkyn’s story is so much more than her 6 congenital heart defects.

The non-profit organization’s “Mission” is to provide prospective nurses the financial opportunity, in the form of a scholarship, to attend nursing school and influence the next generation of families’ experiences in a hospital setting by providing exceptional patient and family care.

Please visit their website to read more about their mission!

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